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Welcome from The Friends of Ridgeway School

Welcome from The Friends of Ridgeway School 1




Amy Ginn, Claire Cram, Sue Newton and Jackie Pendlebury (Treasurer). We are all parents of children who currently attend Ridgeway School. 

Friends of Ridgeway School is a registered charity whose sole aim is to provide non-educational support for the children at school, their families and the whole school community as a whole.

We are a bit like a PTA but we are every bit as special as the children at our wonderful school!


We raise money, spend money on lovely experiences for the children and their families, access grants, support each other, share information and generally get involved in local and national agendas to try to make the world a little bit happier for kids like ours.

Want to get involved?


We are FRIENDS and not a PTA so it is not just parents who get involved. We welcome staff and their families, parents, carers, family members, professionals and members of the entire school and local community.


You can be involved in as much or as little as you want!

We welcome people who just like to keep up with news, people who just want the odd coffee and chat as well as people who can help out occasionally or want to come to meetings.


Please contact us at to get on our mailing list to keep in touch or just call for a chat. If Friends can do anything to support you or signpost you on... just let us know.







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