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What has your busy bee been up to today? - daily updates of what we have done in class


WEEK BEGINNING: Monday 17th April


No swim this morning as we are still waiting for the hoist to be repaired wink

It was good to see most of the Lavender children back today, we hope they have enjoyed the Easter break.  Although we did try to ease us all back in gently I'm pleased to say that all the children who were in today were very settled and certainly appeared to be happy to be back! A few timetable changes for this term - I will update the timetable section of this web page as soon as things have been finalised.


As some of you may be aware we have welcomed three new children into Lavender group from Star group.  This increase in numbers has created a great buzz in the classroom where we now have more children and adults, which opens up greater scope for socialising and group work.  The children are all gelling really well and, with similar learning and medical needs, we are able to provide a good balance across all areas and experiences.  Obviously these changes have also resulted in changes to our timetable which I have now updated on our web page.  Any questions please ask, I will advise of any changes to swimming days once the hoist is up and running again!  I plan to have an open afternoon session soon to welcome all parents together with the children so you get the chance to meet each other.


No swim this morning as we are still waiting for the hoist to be repaired wink 

At last some sunshine allowing us to go out to enjoy our new outdoor area! It really was lovely to go out into the sunshine this afternoon and enjoy the sensory hanging resources and play with bubbles.  We also had some visitors from the other classes who came to join in with the fun!

We also began work on our new art display for the corridor for our classroom - now that our group has expanded we need a new display to include everyone - we will let you see the finished display when it is finished.


A very busy day in Lavender group today! This morning our focus activities were the Physiotherapist sessions and the music cushion. This afternoon we were glad to return to our block of Rebound Therapy smiley We had George experiencing his very first bounce today which was fantastic and for those who didn't have a turn today we are hopeful that Katie can give us an extra session tomorrow afternoon. We also made it into the garden again which was great, trying out our new outdoor hoist and getting down onto the new astro grass.  





Have a lovely weekend - and please feel free to send in photographs to share with us what the children have done.smiley