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A Day in Red Group

We enjoy regular circle times in Red Group. Every morning and afternoon, we sit in the circle, say hello to each other and watch some attention-grabbing activities. We also come to the circle at other points in the day for singing, numeracy and story time.
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After our morning circle time and afternoon circle time, we all do our individual work stations. Red group do these independently!
After our work, Red group get some choosing time, where we can use our PECs books to request things we enjoy.
Red group can also choose to go outside and enjoy exploring the playground regularly.
We do a lot of small group and 1:1 activities. We regularly work on 'playing together' either with an adult or with peers.
Red group has regular access to the Forest School. We love exploring all the different sections of the Forest School, including climbing on wooden crates, digging in the mud and sitting around the 'camp-fire' (Fake of course!).
In Red, we do art exercises on a weekly basis. We enjoy getting messy!
We enjoy cooking on a weekly basis too!