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Class Reward Systems

In White Group we love celebrating our successes and great efforts!


Pupils can collect stamps on their STAMP CARDS for such things as being kind, completing work tasks, trying hard to something by themself, or being a good friend. Each stamp is awarded based on personal achievement, as everyone's successes and challenges are different and individual.

When their card is full, pupils can make a choice of a small prize from the Golden Bag!

(We will always send home the completed card alongside the prize, so you know where it has come from!)


We also celebrate achievements in assembly...

Every Friday, a pupil is chosen as the 'WOW' of the Week and they are celebrated for a particular success or achievement during their week at school. They sit on the golden chair and have a special umbrella held over them whilst the other classes celebrate their success with them. They will then receive a certificate to take home.


We realise that birthdays are kind of a big deal and definitely something to celebrate...

We celebrate these in assembly and everyone sings to the birthday person. We also understand how important it is for the children to be able to celebrate with their friends, so we will have a party as a class, sing 'Happy Birthday' and pop a glitter-filled balloon over the birthday person's head. Parents are welcome to send in a small birthday cake for their child to share with their friends if they wish, so that children may have the experience of blowing out candles on a cake at their party.




We are really proud of all of the children's successes in White Group and welcome opportunities to share their successes at home too. Please feel free to write in the home/school diary or complete a WOW sheet in your child's learning journal if you feel they have achieved something great at matter how small.