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Class Reward Systems

In Blue Group, we love celebrating our successes and great efforts!


Pupils can collect stickers on their STAR CARDS for such things as doing good deeds, good work, trying hard or being a good friend. Each sticker is awarded based on personal achievement, as everyone's successes and challenges are different and individual.

When their card is full, pupils can make a choice of a small prize from the Golden Bag!


We also operate 'WOW of the Week' in our class...

Every Friday, a pupil is chosen as the 'WOW' and celebrated for a particular success or achievement during their week at school. They are celebrated at circle time, and presented with a certificate, as well as having their photograph and achievement displayed on the WOW Wall.

Their picture is then put on the classroom door, to invite visitors and other members of the school community to share in their celebration, by asking them what they have done and looking at their achievement on the WOW wall.


These reward systems are class-based, and run alongside the wider school 'Celebration assembly' on Fridays, where a pupil is also celebrated each week for achievements in school, and will receive a certificate.


Picture 1 Star Card
Picture 2 Golden Bag
Picture 3 WOW Wall
Picture 4 WOW of the Week Certificate
Picture 5 Wow of the Week Door poster