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Clinical Supervision

Definition of Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a collaborative process in which the supervisor works with the supervisee to explore their work reflectively, thereby facilitating the supervisees professional growth and development. The aim is to assist the supervisee in learning from his or her experiences and progress in expertise. The supervisory process is often a creative process because it involves a deep and multifaceted reflective engagement by the supervisee that is triggered by apt and timely questioning of the supervisor. The role of the supervisor is often viewed as a mix of educative and mentoring, facilitating improvements in practice.


Clinical Supervision at Ridgeway School

Clinical supervision was introduced into the school in March 2017 due to the often intense and highly emotional environment we work in. Many of our pupils have complex and multiple learning needs and it is important that our staff have the opportunity to reflect on the challenges this may bring both personally and professionally.  Clinical supervision is open to all staff.