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Den Day

On Friday, we thought about how important it is to have a Safe Haven so that we can be well and happy. We marked 'Den Day' by creating safe havens within our classes and throughout the school and donated to raise money for Save the Children, who help children who don't have a home they can feel safe in.

We had a special assembly in the afternoon, where we saw photos of everyone building their dens and Sally showed us photos of the dens she had been building in Forest School. We then had the opportunity to look at everyone's dens around school and parents even came in to have a look too!



Staff took part in 'Random Act of Kindness Day' during this day, providing small acts of kindness for their colleagues throughout the day. The variety and thoughtfulness of the acts carried out was really astounding and inspiring- some had spent time making crafts for their chosen person, some had written notes and poems, some covered a lunch duty so that their colleague could have a longer break, some made breakfast for a colleague, some pre-paid for a coffee on the way to work, some made their colleague's lunch...the list goes on and on.

The effort was outstanding...our staff are outstandingsmiley 


A perfect end to a wonderful week!