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Feedback from a Prospective Parent Visit - April 2018


Dear Debra
Thank you very much for giving me so much of your time yesterday.  I really appreciated meeting you and seeing your school.  I was so impressed by the dedicated care and learning which you all give to the children.
Thank you again

Feedback from the Christmas Tree Festival: December 2017


Hi Sue

I wanted to thank you and your pupils for singing at St Mary's last week at the Christmas Songs Concert.
The children from Ridgeway Special School made the occasion magical for the audience and I do hope the children enjoyed the experience of singing in the church surrounded by the beautiful Christmas Trees.
Please pass on my thanks to the children and the teachers for all their hard work involved in producing singing of such a high standard.  
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year.
All best wishes

Feedback from Warwick Poppies: November 2017


Dear Ms Hewitt and Sue,
On behalf of the team at Warwick Poppies 2018, I am writing to offer the most massive thanks to the whole Ridgeway Community. Your support for our project has, on so many levels, simply blown us away and we are truly grateful.
Sue (a real treasure) has been the most enthusiastic and efficient co-ordinator and motivator – I shall never forget walking into the hall and seeing so many staff busy making poppies! It was wonderful. Later, our three team members so enjoyed visiting school and sitting with the children as they made poppies. It was great to watch their evident eagerness and their pleasure in making something special. The Assembly afterwards was very moving, and we were, as were the children, captivated by the descriptive use of black material, sand, green glitter and petals to signify how poppies came to be used as a symbol of Remembrance.
It is staggering that Ridgeway has created over 970 poppies for our display. We cannot thank you all enough – each and every poppy will be treasured, and we are so proud that you are part of our team.
We hope to arrange a Schools’ Service during the display and we have included you on our database, so you will receive Newsletters etc.
Meanwhile, I am excitedly looking forward to meeting some of the children and staff again, on Friday morning, when you come to St Mary’s to perform in the Concert.
Best wishes,
Helen Fitzpatrick – on behalf of Warwick Poppies 2018.

Feedback received by our Family Support Worker in October 2017:


I just wanted to let you know that the Independent Reviewing Officer who chaired a review today; spoke to me after the meeting to say what a wonderful school she thinks this is.
Another professional also agreed and said whilst they were waiting in reception she has never seen such caring staff and happy children in a school.
They both said as soon as they entered reception they felt a wave of warmth and calmness 
I have also spoken to someone at citizens advice earlier today, who came in to collect a letter from me; and she also commented that she's never been here before and said, in the short walk she had through school how cared for, and how attentive the staff were to the children.
So, just thought I'd send a bit of feedback from professionals who have been in to school today as it's the end of a very busy term and it's sometimes lovely to record these things!

Feedback from Parents of an existing pupil; in September 2017:


Today, we had the privilege of sitting in Ridgeway reception for 2.5 hours!

We saw the school in action

And it was extremely busy ...

Ridgeway reception/office team are simply amazing, I must have spoken to every single person at some point. Today, we had genuine celebration and a couple of hugs too, when the admin team saw that our child was in school. I can not tell you how much this means! In particular, thanks to Katie, Emma & Alex.

Katie, especially was so very kind!

We saw many children, accompanied by staff 'come and go' - treated with genuine kindness, compassion and a fab sense of humour. Reception staff knew children by name (and their parents/carers) and were equally excellent.

I was offered countless hot drinks and had enquiries about whether I was 'OK' by several members of staff who were unaware of our circumstances, support from Katie (Learning Mentor), offers of a cuppa from Suzie (Family Support Worker) and Orange/Rainbow staff (Sian & Rose) have been and continue to support our child and us, as a family.

Happy to chat to Ofsted when/if required - more than! But in the meantime, we just wanted to express, in writing, our total appreciation.

Thank you.

Feedback from a parent following school viewing visit, May 2017:


"Could you please pass our thanks to Debra Hewitt for showing us round Ridgeway yesterday. You have a wonderful school and we were impressed by the amazing facilities and caring culture.
We are especially grateful for Debra's time when we don't know yet whether we will be able to put our child forward for a place. He would love your school!
Thank you too for your advice on our next steps."