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Makaton - Signs of the Week

Signs of the week 2019-2020

angry, calm, worried, happy, sad, love
book, share, change, good, me
I, love, you, mum, family, home
I, want, calm, quiet, alone, special, time
Happy, New, Year, everyone
we,wish,you,a, Happy, Christmas
Hospital, ill, help, pain, doctor
Dentist, Teeth, Brush, Clean, Healthy
Forest, School, Cold, Wet, Muddy
Remember, Soldier,Flower,Brave, Respect
Pumpkin, Witch, Wizard, Skeleton, Magic
Who, Help, Pig, Cat, Mouse, No
October, Autumn, Tree, Leaf, Cold, Rain
Harvest, Food, Help, Share, Farmer

Signs of the week 2018 - 2019

End, Year, Fun, Best, Remember
Holiday, Plane, Bags, Different, Food
Summer, Hot, Cool, Safe, Drink, Water
Thank you, God, Home, Friend, School, Amen
Under, Sea, Shark, Octopus, Starfish
Dad, Mum, Special, Love, Kind, Help
June, Summer, Happy, Play, Outside, Grass
Different, Sleep, Fun, Laugh, Happy
Purple, Pink, Special, Good, Me
May, Cloud, Grey, Rain, Sun
Days of the week
April, Easter, Family, Holiday, Chocolate, Eggs
March, Spring, Chick, Lamb, New, Grow
Kiss, Mummy, Love, Moon, Back, Special
Postman, Letter, Witch, Wolf, Giant, Bear
Book, Read, Together, Story, Best / Favourite
Tuesday, Pancake, Frying Pan, Flour, Eggs, Milk