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WCC Respite & Short Breaks Consultation

Warwickshire County Council is looking at how it offers community short breaks because the current contract is coming to an end. It wants to make sure the future service helps meet the needs of Warwickshire children with special educational needs and disabilities and their families.

By asking for your feedback, Warwickshire County Council wants to work together with families to plan and design what it offers for community shorts breaks. It is doing this by asking parents and carers to complete a short breaks questionnaire by 10pm on Monday 15th April 2019.

Please complete the questionnaire if you are a parent or carer who currently (or may in the future) use short breaks services: daytime and/or overnight or additional support in the home or community. Warwickshire County Council will listen to your experiences and your feedback about what it currently offers for short breaks and ask for your ideas for service development. It will also be speaking to children and young people themselves to hear their voices directly.

Copy the below link into your browser to complete the questionnaire.