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Important dates:


  • 5th June - Back to School
  • 6th June - Cycling workshops begin (every Tuesday for 5 weeks)
  • 8th June - Ocean Lunch Menu
  • 12-16th June- 'Health & Wellbeing Week', including Den Day (16th June)
  • 22nd June - Sports Day (afternoon)
  • 30th June - Tennis Lunch Menu
  • Wednesday 7th June - Summer Term Parent/Teacher Meetings
  • 10th- 14th July - Malawi Week
  • 21st July - Last Day of term

Wolf Run!


On Sunday 4th June 2017, lots of staff from Ridgeway will be taking part in The Wolf Run to raise money to buy new outdoor equipment for our school.

Sam thought that this would be a great idea back in January, fresh from the Christmas Break, and successfully managed to convince others of this too, somehow! Now the excitement and nerves are starting to kick in somewhat...! blush


Tina (who provides lunch cover in our class every day) and Sam will be proudly wearing 'Ridgeway Red' vests for the run, which have been expertly customised by each member of Blue Group frown 


You can sponsor us on this link to help spur us on:


Massive thanks to everyone that has donated so far- we are so grateful of the support and incredible generosity. We will do our very best for you all!

Photos (and videos!) to follow!


Wish us luck!


Sam smiley

Wolf Run!

Wolf Run! 1 Sam's Wolf Run Vest, as designed by Blue Group