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Welcome to the Online safety page!

Online safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Ridgeway. It is essential for children to be safe when using the Internet at home and at school alike and that the e-safety message is consistent. Children take part in online safety lessons embedded within the computing curriculum as and when it is appropriate for them as well as taking part in an annual Internet Safety Day.


The ‘Friendly WiFi’ logo can be found across the high street in cafes, shops, restaurants, hotels and on public transport. Wherever you see the ‘Friendly WiFi’ logo you can be assured that the public WiFi offered at that venue has reached an industry recognised standard level of filtering and that access to pornography and child abuse websites, videos and images are blocked.

This site is definitely worth a visit, it poses questions to us about how safe our children are whilst surfing the internet or playing online games.

 This site looks at features of online safety that could support your child to stay safe online