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Our weekly timetable

Our weekly timetable is currently undergoing some exciting new changes.  We are looking at working within two separate groups within the class, which will enable us to better meet the needs of the children and their individual learning styles.

For each group a specific group of activities have been identified and these will be timetabled daily/weekly and will take place within the classroom and across other rooms in the school. We will have time together each day to maintain our identity as 'Lavender Group'.

Each half term a child from each group will be chosen as 'Team Captain' and will give the name to the group, e.g. If I was chosen as team captain my group would be named 'Team Claire' or

'Team C' for the half term. A note will be sent home in your child's home/school diary so you know what team they are in.


(Timetables will be posted here once they have been finalised)