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World Mental Health Day 2017


We celebrated ‘World Mental Health Day’ on 10thtOctober.


We decided to mark the day simply so that it had significance to all of our pupils. We focused on happiness and what makes each of us happy. Pupils had the chance to work with adults before the day, to decide what makes them happy in school. Each child had the opportunity to choose an activity which was unique and individual to them, as we learned to recognise that each of us is different and enjoys different things.

Class staff then allocated an hour during the day to ‘Ridgeway Happy Hour’. A ‘do not disturb’ sign was placed on classroom doors, and staff and pupils shared their ‘happy’ activities together for up to 60 minutes. This quality happy time was greatly received by both pupils and staff, and we hope to introduce ‘Happy Hour’ more regularly at Ridgeway in future.


Staff also boosted their own and others’ wellbeing, by taking part in ‘Random Act of Kindness Day’, following the success of our last RAOK day during Health & Wellbeing Week last year. During the day, members of staff provided small acts of kindness to their colleagues to show their appreciation and support for each other.


It was a great day in support of World Mental Health Day. Thank you to everyone who took part!